Rekindling Hope

Join clinical psychologist Dr John Burns in conversation with Leigh Hatcher, exploring the rekindling of hope and why it might be easier for some of us than others. With his extensive expertise in the field, John delves into the question...

Unmasking ADHD: Exploring the Surge in Diagnoses Post-COVID

Join clinical psychologist Adam Wright in conversation with Leigh Hatcher as they delve into the rise in ADHD diagnoses. Adam, an expert in neurodiversity, unravels the complexities of this trend, its impacts and possible causes, and much more.  

STRESS – When is it too much?

We all need a certain amount of stress, but what happens when we are over-stressed? The consequences can be significant. So, how do we manage our stress? Clinical Psychologist Joe Alberts chats with Leigh Hatcher about this important issue.

Finding your resilience in rejection

Michelle Wotton, Clinical Psychologist at The Resilience Centre chats with Leigh Hatcher about her own story of rejection. Listen to her story and advice on how to navigate the bumpy road of rejection.

Why are we still feeling disconnected? The continuing impact of the COVID pandemic.

Lyn Worsley, clinical psychologist and director of The Resilience Centre chats with Leigh Hatcher about how building resilience can also build connection.

Gabriel Wong – A Retrospective

    Gabriel has been a humble, kind and treasured Clinical Psychologist at The Resilience Centre for the past 15 years. On his retirement, Lyn Worsley and Leigh Hatcher interview him about his career, faith and passion for learning. We...

Communicating with Teens: Episode 2 – What works

  As a teenager, what was that one thing you needed from the adults in your life? This podcast is about finding that one thing and giving this gift to your child. Psychologist Michelle Wotton discusses with broadcaster, Leigh Hatcher,...

Communicating with Teens: Episode 1

  Has communication with teens changed over the years? Can we communicate better? As a parent our connection with our child can often fracture  as they move into the teen years. Psychologist Michelle Wotton addresses these questions from broadcaster Leigh...

Family Violence: Episode 2 – Helping a child navigate a relationship with an abusive parent

Family Clinic Specialists Practitioners Davide Di Pietro and Dianna Costa discuss the factors we need to think about and be aware of, when helping a child navigate a relationship with an abusive parent. Learn about the “drama triangle” and the...

Family Violence: Episode 1 – How to talk to kids about family violence

  This podcast is a must listen for families – parents and grandparents, whose lives are affected by family violence, as well as carers and educators of children. The Resilience Centre Family Clinic Director, Davide Di Pietro and psychologist, Dianna...

The Space Between

  Lyn Worsley, clinical psychologist and Director of The Resilience Centre talks about the space between the pandemic and post pandemic period. A time of transition …… but do we know what we are transitioning to? She discusses with broadcaster...

Talking About Suicide: Episode 4 – How do you relate to a person who has lost someone through suicide?

    Clinical psychologists Lyn Worsley and Joe Alberts speak about the importance of focusing “on the hope in the now’ and reaching out to be with the person without any preconceived ideas or questions. “One size fits one”. They...

Talking About Suicide: Episode 3 – When someone says “I’m fine” but you’re not sure

Listen to some fascinating insights from psychologists, Sarah Piper and Ruth Fordyce, in conversation with broadcaster, Leigh Hatcher about what “I’m fine” may really mean. They also offer practical things to do with a young person, who you suspect may...

Talking About Suicide: Episode 2 – When someone says they are not OK

  What do you say when a person says they are not OK? Clinical psychologist Lyn Worsley and Meg Webster discuss with broadcaster Leigh Hatcher things to be mindful of as you start the conversation and the types of follow...

Talking About Suicide: Episode 1 – A conversation towards reasons for living

  Suicide – once a taboo topic, now we are encouraged to have a conversation. This podcast gives tips on how to direct conversations towards reasons for living, towards hope. Essential listening for parents and those who work with young...

Corona Virus – A Resilient Response: Episode 5- Exhausted but starting again

    In this podcast Lyn Worsley, The Resilience Centre Director speaks with broadcaster, Leigh Hatcher about how we rebuild our lives as we move into the recovery stage of the Corona Virus pandemic. Do we have the courage to...

Corona Virus – A Resilient Response: Episode 4 – Reaching out as we make our way back

  In this podcast Lyn Worsley talks with Leigh Hatcher about making our way back. While there have been many positive stories of how we have adapted to to life in the lock down, there are some who have not...

Corona Virus: A Resilient Response for Blended and Separated Families

  The Covid era has come with struggles for all families but particularly blended and separated families. But it has also brought some unexpected opportunities, says Davide Di Pietro from The Resilience Centre’s Family Clinic. While each family is managing...

Corona Virus – A Resilient Response: Episode 3 – Systems to see you through

    While we appear to be flattening the curve in Australia, we will still experience grief and sadness around the loss of life as it used to be. Rather than talking about when we will be back to normal. we...

Corona Virus – A Resilient Response: Episode 2 – Preparing for the stages ahead

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash Practical Strategies! In this second episode of this series of podcasts, Lyn Worsley discusses with Leigh Hatcher the psychological responses we have to losing the life we know, during the current pandemic restrictions – the new...

Corona Virus – A Resilient Response – The Brutal Facts (the vodcast)

  This vodcast is a repeat of the last podcast of the same title, but it allows you to SEE what we’re talking about in the stages ahead. A vodcast with Leigh Hatcher and our Director and Clinical Psychologist Lyn...

Corona Virus – A Resilient Response: Episode 1- The Brutal Facts (the podcast)

  This is a compelling and confronting conversation, overlaid with hope. Director of The Resilience Centre & clinical psychologist Lyn Worsley speaks to broadcaster, Leigh Hatcher about the stages of a pandemic, it’s psychological implications and how, as individuals, we...

Corona: Questions about life?

  In this latest podcast from The Resilience Centre, Director and clinical psychologist Lyn Worsley and broadcaster Leigh Hatcher, discuss the existential questions of life. How as Australians do we interpret the recent and current events around us? Does it...

Fires, Floods, Pandemic! Toilet Paper?

  Australians have experienced many challenges over the past six months and now the world is experiencing the big challenge of a pandemic. Clinical psychologist Lyn Worsley, talks to Leigh Hatcher about the characteristics of resilient people in these times...

Deck the Halls Without Hitting the Deck – Surviving Christmas in separated families



Sleep, or the inability to sleep, or sleep well, is not just a physical problem but can also be a psychological issue.


Have you tried Mindfulness but it but found it too difficult? Or thought it didn't work? Not sure what it's all about?

Navigating Gaming

Video games are much more pervasive today than many parents realise..

Raising Children in a Digital Age

'Raising' versus 'managing' children? Parents are more and more crying out for help and wisdom.

The Separation Story – What will you tell your children?

In an era of marriage and family breakdown – many families are doing it on their own. Davide Di Pietro, a clinical social worker at the Resilience Centre, has had a wealth of experience helping parents and children navigate this...

Dealing with the Dark Days

  Leigh Hatcher interviews psychologist Sarah Piper and her client “Robyn” who came to Sarah looking for support through her depression. Gain insight into what happens in a session with a psychologist, by listening to a re-creation of a segment...

20th Anniversary Reflections

Clinical psychologist, Lyn Worsley reflects on her journey into psychology, 20 years of The Resilience Centre and her passion to help people to connect. She discusses with Leigh Hatcher her interest in a solution focused rather than problem focused approach...

Forgiveness – How to say “Sorry”

    Saying sorry is not something we always do well. In the last of this three part series on forgiveness, Lyn Worsley discusses with Leigh Hatcher the Seven A’s of Confession and how being truly sorry carries no expectation...

Forgiveness – how it works in abusive relationships

    In the second of this three part series of weekly podcasts on forgiveness, Lyn Worsley discusses how forgiveness can work in abusive relationships, both personal and work related ones. Starting with self respect. forgiveness enables both parties to...

Forgiveness – the process of “letting go”

  Clinical psychologist, Lyn Worsley talks to Leigh Hatcher about forgiveness in this three part series of weekly podcasts. Forgiveness is so much a part of healthy relationships and in the first of the series Lyn discusses the process of...

Forget Self Esteem. Let’s Develop Self Efficacy and EQ

Clinical psychologist Christina O’Connell talks to Leigh Hatcher about developing self efficacy in children.

Why the Marlboro Man Never Saw a Psychologist

  Clinical psychologist, Joe Alberts talks to Leigh Hatcher about the difficulties many men have recognizing they need help, when they are conditioned to fixing things themselves.

Psychologists Are Human After All

Psychologists are regarded as experts in the human condition but they are still very human themselves. Psychologist Sarah Piper talks to Leigh Hatcher about her resilience journey, from working in indigenous and war torn communities, through parenthood, to psychologist at...

Bipolar Disorder

Clinical psychologist, Adam Wright and Susana Bluwol, who is living with bipolar talk to Leigh Hatcher about Bipolar Disorder.

Multiple Personalities

Lyn Worsley talks to Leigh Hatcher about Multiple Personalities or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), a freeze response to a range of significant life upheavals.


Lyn Worsley talks to Leigh Hatcher about the significance of trauma suffered in childhood, on adult life.

Resilient Mums

Ruth Fordyce talks to Leigh Hatcher about adjusting to life with young children.

Narcissistic personalities.

Lyn Worsley talks to Leigh Hatcher about dealing with the narcissistic people in our lives.  

Parenting. Screwing up in your own particular way.

Christina O’Connell talks to Leigh Hatcher about parenting according to our cultural experiences.  

Feeling anxious? You are not alone!

Kate Elton talks to Leigh Hatcher about living with anxiety.

The Agent of Change

Lyn Worsley talks to Leigh Hatcher about what it means to have the agency of change.

Podcast – The Human Condition with Leigh Hatcher and Lyn Worsley

Lyn Worsley talks to Leigh Hatcher about The Resilience Doughnut and The Resilience Centre.