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DBT at The Resilience Centre

The Resilience Centre has a new Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Clinic.

DBT is a treatment that was originally developed by Dr Marsha Linehan for individuals who meet the diagnostic criteria for Borderine Personlaity Disorder (BPD). Recent research on this therapy has demonstrated that DBT is not only useful for those with BPD but also for other challenges that stem from emotional dysregulation such as:

  • Complex and challenging behaviours
  • Difficulty maintaining relationships
  • Impulsivity and/or addictive behaviours
  • Frequent suicidal thoughts and/or urges to self harm

The research findings have consistently shown that DBT helps decrease the frequency and intensity of these behaviours, as well as helping to decrease hospital admissions.

Comprehensive DBT

The Resilience Centre is pleased to be able to offer this program as it helps people in both a therapeutic and practical way, thus enabling them to grow personally as well as connect with others.

The therapy consists of a variety of modes:

  • Individual DBT treatment
  • Telephone Coaching with the individual therapist
  • DBT Skills Group treatment
  • Team Consultation meetings (practitioners only)

Clients are required to practice the skills in between session to gain full benefit of the program. It is not a traditional group therapy model but a very active learning process in which clients are expected to participate and also discuss how the skills apply to their real world situations.

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The Modes

Individual treatment provides the client with the opportunity to work specifically on the skills learnt in group training. Talking confidentially about the successes and challenges of this process, helps to keep up motivation for working toward the clients’s individual therapy goals.

Telephone Coaching allows clients to make contact with their therapist in between sessions.  This enhances the therapeutic relationship and encourages clients to apply new behavioural skills in their everyday life knowing they have support.

Group Skills treatment is the psycho-educational component. This is held in a group of 7-10 adults with two facilitators who are DBT trained psychologists. Overall, it covers the four core modules, according to Dr Marsha Linehan’s structured DBT group format, with each module targeting a specific area of skills enhancement.  These include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Emotion Regulatiion
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness


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