The Centre for Resilience

We assist people from all walks of life to negotiate positive changes in their lives.

Solution Focused Resilience

An evidence based approach to helping people move towards a more positive and optimistic thinking pattern

The Family Clinic

Specialised services for parents who have separated, their children and the extended family

The Resilience Doughnut

A research-validated, therapeutic model for building resilience in children, adolescents and adults.

What's On at The Resilience Centre

Seminars, training, workshops, courses & more in one location.

Your venue for psychology services, groups, seminars, face to face and online training, courses, workshops and webinars.

Psychologists at The Resilience Centre have an outstanding reputation for over 20 years of supporting people to connect and thrive.

Our professional commitment is to personally provide care, confidentiality and experience in catering for clients dealing with all that life may bring. We also promote psychological resilience through positive and solution focused training.



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