The Centre for Resilience

We assist people from all walks of life to negotiate positive changes in their lives.

Post Separation Parenting Solutions Program

A program to equip parents with tools to help their children cope.

Solution Focused Training Programs

Help people to focus on solutions as they address their difficulties

The Resilience Doughnut

A research-validated, therapeutic model for building resilience in children, adolescents and adults.

What's On at The Resilience Centre

Groups, webinars, training, workshops, courses & more in one location.

Current Research

Changes in resilience & wellbeing post COVID-19 in Australia - Be part of it!

The Resilience Centre



Your venue for psychology services, groups, seminars, face to face and online training, courses, workshops and webinars.

Psychologists at The Resilience Centre have an outstanding reputation for over 20 years of supporting people to connect and thrive.

Our professional commitment is to personally provide care, confidentiality and experience in catering for clients dealing with all that life may bring. We also promote psychological resilience through positive and solution focused training.

Our Partners:

NSW Department of Education Partnership with 'The Resilience Doughnut'

‘The Resilience Doughnut’ is thrilled to be accepted for a tender with the NSW Department of Education to be one of the main ‘resilience’ trainers for all state wide schools!
We are proud to be a ‘quality assured’ external program for the NSW DoE and we are excited to build student resilience across the state during 2023.
Enquire about all your resilience training hopes for 2023 and beyond:

We'd love to 
hear from you

Seek qualified and trusted psychologists for assistance in a range of areas. We are your partner in therapy, training and research based in Sydney.

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