Current Research Project: Social Marketing @ Griffith & the Resilience Report

Be part of a research study exploring changes in resilience and wellbeing post the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, currently being undertaken by Griffith Univiersity.

Each participant receives their own wellbeing and resilience tracker, The Resilience Report Ⓡ.
The Resilience Report Ⓡ uses validated measures to assist each person to take a snapshot of their own resilience.
What can you do?
Sign up to be part of the study, share these details with your colleagues, family, and friends.

Why is the research being conducted?




Who is conducting the research?






Social Marketing @ Griffith, Lysn, and The Resilience Centre are conducting research to explore the changes in resilience and wellbeing post the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia. This research aims to understand the current levels of resilience in the general adult population in Australia.



Associate Professor Sameer Deshpande (Principal Investigator) Contact Email:

Alexander Campbell (Co-Investigator) Contact Email:

Jacqui Van de Velde (Co-Investigator) Contact Email:

Lyn Worsley (Co-Investigator) Contact Email:

Dr. Jonathan King (Co-Investigator) Contact Email:

Tahnee Clark (Co-Investigator Contact Email:


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