Solution Focused Resilience

Solution Focused Resilience

Solution focused resilience is an approach that combines the skills of solution focused therapy, as established by Steve DE Shazzer, and research into the contexts where people learn resiliency skills.

Studies have shown that resilient people have an optimistic thinking pattern which is evident in their approach to change. They have skills in being adaptable and this is evident in their previous successful experiences. Even though most people showing resilient thinking patterns have high expectations., they see difficulties as opportunities and not threats and nest themselves in a supportive and connected environment. Most of all people showing resilience appear to be aware of their goals and values which guide their decisions.

The solution focused approach uses questions to help people focus on the strengths and resources that contribute to their best hopes. The approach helps to establish a clear vision for the preferred future and help individuals to take small and achievable steps to get there. Using solution focused skills in conversations can lead to a more supportive change orientated environment both personally and professionally.

Training in Solution Focused approaches is useful for professional and personal use. Organizations using the solution focused approach in human resources, business planning, and staff wellbeing have a more supportive and change orientated environment, higher staff retention and stronger productivity. Welfare organizations using a solution focused approach show positive changes with clients earlier in therapy than other methods.  Solution focused therapy is often referred to as BRIEF therapy due to clients achieving the desired outcome in a shorter period of time.

Solution Focused Foundation Training

Would you like to

  • Be guided by the fundamental assumptions of the solution focused approach
  • Have techniques that direct the conversation towards the preferred future
  • Practice conversations skills in various contexts that build optimism and hope
  • Know how to set realistic and achievable goals in simple conversations
  • Develop conversation skills that change your approach during times of conflict or difficulties

Learn the art of resilient conversations

The solution focused approach, is a well-known and evidence based approach to helping people move towards a more positive and optimistic thinking pattern. It is a skills and technique based approach that is foundational to any effective communication that draws people towards their preferred future.

This course provides a foundational training for those wanting to understand and master the approach in their own settings. It is suitable for therapists, community workers, HR staff, wellbeing teachers and youth workers. It is extremely useful for use with family, couple and individual therapy as well as use with coaching and mentoring in the corporate sector.

At the end of the course you will be able to immediately use the techniques and have the opportunity to practice and feedback your experiences.

Courses at the resilience centre are experiential, with the aim of equipping participants with the skills and techniques needed to achieve the best outcomes. Incorporated in the course are techniques to draw on the resources and strengths in the system. Building on systems and resilience theories and using a developmental approach to solution finding makes for a profound and effective communication tool.

At the end of this course your SF conversations in the ordinary and everyday can give people glimpses of their own miracles, and the skills to get there.

The course includes

  • A thorough understanding of the assumptions and values that guide the principals of SF approach.
  • Techniques and skills in formulating the characteristic questions of SF approach
  • SFT skills in building a picture of the preferred future
  • Helping clients to identify their navigation and negotiation styles of communication
  • Techniques to gather a positive history at the start of the relationship
  • Skills in shifting conversations from risk to strengths and solutions (with clients and other professionals)
  • Skills in drawing on the strengths of the systems
  • Ways to build a picture of the preferred future from ordinary everyday successes.
  • How to identify progress towards the agreed outcomes
  • How to promote change between conversations
  • How to work with more than one person in the room

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