Sarah, an experienced registered psychologist, works with individuals of all ages. Known for her approachable and authentic demeanour, she values connecting with her clients. Central to her work is her resilience training, where she takes a keen interest in the strengths that individuals bring to their journey.

In her own words, Sarah acknowledges the courage it takes to navigate difficult periods and change old patterns or ways of thinking. She finds joy in journeying alongside individuals committed to this challenging yet essential work. Sarah provides a safe and non-judgmental space, allowing clients to speak honestly and feel heard. Practical strategies are a cornerstone of her approach, making things concrete and tangible for clients.

Sarah delights in witnessing her clients grow in self-awareness and self-confidence, adopting healthier ways of relating and living fuller, more fulfilling lives. As a member of the Australian Psychological Society, she utilises solution-focused therapy, as well as cognitive and dialectical behaviour therapies.

Her areas of interest and expertise encompass all types of anxiety and mood disorders, adolescent and adult depression, self-esteem and identity issues, school relationship difficulties, study stress and organisation, parent training and family support, peri/postnatal adjustments, building resilience in both adults and children, managing work/life balance, and grief.