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Strengths in Teams

Building strong, cohesive teams or workgroups.
Developed in conjunction with leading sports psychologists, this set of 28 laminated cards can be used to explore the qualities of effective teamwork and leadership.

Identify the strengths that individuals bring to any team or workgroup, or the strengths of the team as a whole. Identify future directions or the qualities the team wants to focus on. Organisations, managers, community groups, and families will find powerful messages for developing group cohesiveness and positive relationships.

  • Which cards does your team already do well? Which strengths do you want to practise more?
  • Write team goals and develop 'pictures of the future' using the cards selected by your group.
  • Look at the mice on each card. How does what they are doing relate to the word on the card? Which ones make you laugh the most? Why?
  • Select one card. Write down a list of other words that come to mind. Do you know someone who does this very well? What actions do you notice them doing? How might you practise this more? What other skills will doing this automatically enhance?
28 laminated, full-colour cards, 210 x 297mm, polypropylene box, 10-page booklet. First published 1999. Reprinted many times since.

For more information go to the Resources tab on the St Luke's Innovative Resources website, www.innovativeresources.org


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