Joe Alberts is a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist with 36 years of practice. He specialises in working with individuals aged 18 and older, particularly those who have experienced trauma at any stage of their life. His diverse background includes working in psychiatric facilities, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, providing support to active soldiers at the war front, and engaging in private practice.

In addition to his clinical work, Joe has a unique perspective gained through coaching and mentoring senior executives in corporate settings. This has given him a deep understanding and empathy for the stressors faced by senior managers and the ability to assist them effectively.

Joe follows an eclectic, evidence-based approach to treatment, placing a strong emphasis on achieving results in collaboration with his clients within a warm, positive, and accepting therapeutic relationship. His areas of expertise include mood disorders, chronic pain, addiction, men’s issues, and post-trauma stress stemming from recent and childhood trauma. He also enjoys the challenge of working with couples to resolve acute or long-term relationship problems.

Clients are encouraged to reach out for a brief discussion, reflecting Joe’s openness to connecting with individuals seeking support.