People are amazing! One thing amongst many that sets us apart from the other creations is our ability to reflect on the past and learn from our experience as well as dream about a desired future and work towards attaining our dreams.

I do not believe we use this capability enough.

The STOP. START. CONTINUE model is a great way to grow yourself, your relationships, your family unit, your team and even your organisation.


What am I (are we) doing currently that isn’t working ? – STOP doing them

What should I (we) put in place to improve ? – START doing them

What is working well ? – CONTINUE doing them


Here are some ideas how to use the model:

For personal growth

Find a quiet place. Remind yourself of your dream for the future.   If you do not have a dream for the future this will be a fantastic time to  start dreaming about your future.  Then consider your current behaviour in relation to your dream.  Apply the model and answer the questions.  What are you doing that is preventing you from realising your dream? – STOP doing it.   What can you put in place to move towards your dream? – START doing it.  What are you doing currently that is helping you to realise your dream? – CONTINUE doing it.  Make a STOP. START. CONTINUE list (two things under each heading is ample) , and put it up where you can see it.

For your relationship

Give your partner a copy of the 3 questions to help them prepare. Ask them to think about your relationship and to answer the questions.  Agree on a time to share your answers.  Decide on one or two things to change and revisit a month later.

For your family unit

Kids love family meetings. Schedule one (remember to include treats) and give every family member a copy of the three questions.  Help the little ones to formulate answers.  Give everyone a turn to share their ideas.  Decide on one or two things to change and revisit a month later.

The application potential of the STOP. START. CONTINUE model is endless.  Use it to enhance your friendships, Bible study group, parent child relationships, and ……….?

Joe Alberts  

Joe is a Clinical Psychologist in Private practice. He holds a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society. Joe has been practicing psychology since 1986 and has extensive international experience in the public and private sectors. He delivered psychological services in various working environments including corporate organisations, mental institutions and at the war front.   Joe has a keen interest in the treatment of  anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties.  He is a lecturer at Morling College and  regularly presents workshops and seminars both locally and internationally.