Having attained a Masters in Educational and Developmental Psychology in Australia and the Level 2 Resilience Doughnut Accreditation, Clinical Psychologist, Christina O’Connell has been helping people overcome adversity and challenges for almost a decade.

Christina has worked with a wide variety of clients, from children, young adults and parents to senior citizens dealing with various mental health issues.  She has worked within the primary and secondary school settings, as well as having worked in private practice. She has experience working with people in Australia, and also supported expats in Europe for a few years.

Over the past decade Christina’s experience working with young adults in one-on-one sessions, group sessions and large seminars has furthered her ability to connect with young adults in various ways to help them build resilience.

Christina’s unusual balance of humour, direct communication, emotional insight and integrity, supports Christina’s patients to develop their skills to deal with their challenges to reach a place of real authenticity and healing.

Inspired by the work of John Gottman, the research of Brené Brown and the insight of Richard Rohr, Christina continuously explores ways to develop her emotional understanding and practical skills. Christina’s curiosity ensures she always has her finger on the pulse of the latest techniques and findings in the industry, and from time to time makes alteration to ensure her patients and those who attend her seminars are served with the well-rounded, up-to-date information.

Christina holds a calm and safe therapeutic space in her one-on-one sessions, which are a balanced mix of practicality and reflection.

She uses an integrative approach incorporating cognitive behaviour therapy, solution focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and play therapy.

Christina is an EMDR trained practitioner.

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