How Making Friends with your Emotions can Improve Wellbeing

  Ever wondered about your relationship with emotions? Join psychologist Megan Webster as she delves into the fascinating question of where emotions come from. Are they embedded in our DNA, or are they learned? Discover insights on befriending emotions during...

Rekindling Hope

Join clinical psychologist Dr John Burns in conversation with Leigh Hatcher, exploring the rekindling of hope and why it might be easier for some of us than others. With his extensive expertise in the field, John delves into the question...

Unmasking ADHD: Exploring the Surge in Diagnoses Post-COVID

Join clinical psychologist Adam Wright in conversation with Leigh Hatcher as they delve into the rise in ADHD diagnoses. Adam, an expert in neurodiversity, unravels the complexities of this trend, its impacts and possible causes, and much more.  

STRESS – When is it too much?

We all need a certain amount of stress, but what happens when we are over-stressed? The consequences can be significant. So, how do we manage our stress? Clinical Psychologist Joe Alberts chats with Leigh Hatcher about this important issue.

The Space Between

  Lyn Worsley, clinical psychologist and Director of The Resilience Centre talks about the space between the pandemic and post pandemic period. A time of transition …… but do we know what we are transitioning to? She discusses with broadcaster...

Corona Virus – A Resilient Response: Episode 5- Exhausted but starting again

    In this podcast Lyn Worsley, The Resilience Centre Director speaks with broadcaster, Leigh Hatcher about how we rebuild our lives as we move into the recovery stage of the Corona Virus pandemic. Do we have the courage to...

Moving Forward to #stayconnected

Having found some new ways to connect during the period of isolation, now is the time, as restrictions are slowly lifted, to think about how you will keep them going.