Solution Focused Training Programs

Due to the success of the SF approach within the centre, the Resilience Centre runs courses in the Solution Focused approach.

These courses may be the best courses you have ever attended due to the practical application to both your personal and professional lives. The courses are designed to get you practicing the skills in class and draw on the expertise of the practitioners at the Resilience Centre who use SF to inform the preferred future and measure the process of healing during individual and group therapy.

The foundation course is the prerequisite for further courses in clinical, organisational and educational settings, equipping, staff, practitioners, teachers and family members in skills for optimistic conversations. Applied courses will be available in semester 2 in 2019 and 2020, with a further focus on mental health, strength through trauma and best cases scenario’s for families, and teachers.

The foundation course is a great start if you would like to

  • Have practical learning of solution focused skills
  • Have more optimistic conversations with family and colleagues
  • Be able to turn the flow of energy toward hope instead of doom and gloom
  • Go to a course that is practical and usable as soon as you leave
  • Have better conversations with your friends, family and work colleagues

As well, if you want to dig deeper into the solution focused approach you will find that this course helps you to

  • Be a more effective therapist
  • Feel more optimistic about the future
  • Have therapeutic conversations without realising
  • Find helpful exceptions to difficult situations
  • Draw on the values of the client relationship
  • Engage faster in your conversations
  • Draw on changes between meetings
  • Tap into resources form the moment the conversation begins

The Solution Focused approach FOUNDATION course

Hours / Points
18 hrs ( 2 days face to face and equivalent of 1 day online)
Foundation course
The Solution Focused approach FOUNDATION course

*Foundation course is the pre requisite for applied courses

Child and Adolescent certificate: (specialised area)

Adult Certificate: (specialised area)

Diploma Res coaching


Resilience in Children and Adolescents

The following courses practically apply the resilience model and the solution focused approach with children and adolescents in a number of different settings. A pre requisite for each course is the Foundations in a solution focused approach. The courses are run by practitioners who work with children and adolescents on a regular basis and therefore are practical, and relevant to today’s children and adolescents.

Children and adolescents

Hours / Points
1 day each
Coming soon
SF with Children
SF with Adolescents

Resilience in Families and parents

The following applied courses practically apply the resilience and solution focused approach to working with parents and families. The courses draw on a systemic framework , helping professionals who work with families and parents to understand the past strengths and resources that may be useful for their current family situation.

For couples where separation is in place, these courses develop the solution focused skills of both the parent and practitioner, enabling an environment of healing and connectedness despite the trauma of separation. It also outlines the pathway for developing the best case scenario for separated families.
A pre requisite for each applied course is the Foundations in Solution focused approach and / or the Resilience doughnut level 1 training.

Families and parents

Hours / Points
1 day each
Coming soon
SF with families
SF for conflict in separated families

Resilience in the workplace

Solution focused skills are used in personal and professional coaching and mentoring. The savvy HR team in large organisations do well to practice the SF skills with staff during times of difficulties as well as success. Resilience is evident when people have the social skills to navigate and negotiate with people around to help them to cope. This means that a resilient organisation needs to have a culture where support and connection enables people to negotiate well to manage the ups and downs of the workplace.

These applied courses are designed with the executive and HR staff in mind, helping them to transform a workplace culture into a supportive and connected environment.
SF conversations including staff appraisals, mentoring and support have been shown to enable staff to engage and invest in the workplace.

The pre-requisite for these applied courses is the Foundation training in solution focused approach and /or the Resilience Doughnut level 1 training.

Organisation application

Hours / Points
18 hours (2½ days
4 workshop 4 ½ hours each)
Coming soon
SF in HR services
Building a culture of optimism
SF in conflict management
Staff appraisal and development

Resilience in Adults

Resilience is found in the ordinary every day moments of life and adults going through life transitions is one of those ordinary life moments that many people find difficult. Applying the resilience model to adults as they transition from one stage of life to another has been shown to be a helpful guide for decision making, and understanding the context of life changes. Training in the Resilience doughnut model for Adults is a great course to help equip professionals and the general community to work effectively with building adult resilience.

The use of the resilience model and solution focused therapy in adult mental health services provides a refreshing and empowering approach for staff as they seek to work with the clients best hopes. With the use of case studies showing the application with clients who have been through trauma, or abuse and are caught up in the negative spiral of mental disorders, the course provides skills to turn the process of healing around quickly and creatively.

The resilience model has been applied to community health services along with the skills of solution focused approach with a great deal of success. Clients reporting they have been empowered to connect with others, given skills for optimistic conversations, and developing programs that build community.

The Resilience Doughnut has been used in a number of health and medical services for both staff wellbeing and professional skills with patients. Courses in a solution focused approach applied in medical settings, challenge the medical model by encouraging a focus on healing and change as opposed to sickness and disease. This has been particularly effective when applied to rehabilitation, palliative and spiritual care and chronic illness.
These applied courses will be run by professionals using both approaches in their settings.

For all of these applied courses, the pre requisite is the Foundation of solution focused approach and / or the Resilience Doughnut level 1 course

Mental health application

Hours / Points
18 hours (2½ days)
4 workshop (4 ½ hours each)
Available 2020
SF for people diagnosed with personality disorders
SF for people diagnosed with mental illness
SF teams in mental health services and Report writing using SF
SF for working with suicidal clients

Community health application

Hours / Points
8 hours
(1 day or 2 workshops 4 hrs each)
Available 2020
SF for youth workers and chaplains
SF planning for community involvement
SF teams in community settings

Health and medical services application

Hours / Points
18 hours (2½ days
4 workshops 4 ½ hours each)
Available 2021
SF for health care professionals ( palliative and aged care
Spiritual care and SF approach
SF for ppl with chronic illness
SF medical teams (policy and evaluative practices)

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