Michelle is a dedicated clinical psychologist with over 10 years of experience, specializing in working with adolescents, adults, and families in diverse mental health settings. She holds an academic teaching position at ACU and has furthered her qualifications through a Master of Clinical Psychology program.

Having worked in public hospitals across Northern Sydney, Michelle has a strong background in assisting individuals within the community dealing with various mental health conditions. She is known for her warmth and empathy, applying evidence-based therapies to address a wide range of mental health disorders.

Michelle’s passion lies in helping individuals recover from conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders (including phobias, social anxiety, OCD), bipolar disorder, psychosis, and personality disorders. Additionally, she offers therapy for those facing challenges like grief and loss, life dilemmas, relationship development and maintenance, and low self-esteem. Michelle’s comprehensive approach aims to support individuals through a variety of mental health concerns.