Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Struggling to find your spark?

  In this podcast, Clinical Psychologist Mathew Pfeiffer dives deep into how we interact with the world, from doing the dishes to work, school, relationships and life! Discover: Why engagement matters for your happiness & success. Common barriers that hold...

The Power of Community for Different Health Concerns

Most people consider socialisation an important part of their lives, as they can bond with people through common interests to alleviate loneliness. While this is a great benefit for human connection, social support is also an integral aspect of health....

Secrets to Thriving in Any Environment

Tired of miscommunication and misunderstandings? Dive into the depths of cultural awareness with psychologist Stephanie Schwartz and host Leigh Hatcher! Uncover secrets to: Boost engagement & collaboration across cultures Break down unconscious biases that hold you back Build bridges of understanding with powerful...

How Making Friends with your Emotions can Improve Wellbeing

  Ever wondered about your relationship with emotions? Join psychologist Megan Webster as she delves into the fascinating question of where emotions come from. Are they embedded in our DNA, or are they learned? Discover insights on befriending emotions during...

Unmasking ADHD: Exploring the Surge in Diagnoses Post-COVID

Join clinical psychologist Adam Wright in conversation with Leigh Hatcher as they delve into the rise in ADHD diagnoses. Adam, an expert in neurodiversity, unravels the complexities of this trend, its impacts and possible causes, and much more.  

Finding your resilience in rejection

Michelle Wotton, Clinical Psychologist at The Resilience Centre chats with Leigh Hatcher about her own story of rejection. Listen to her story and advice on how to navigate the bumpy road of rejection.

Moving Forward to #stayconnected

Having found some new ways to connect during the period of isolation, now is the time, as restrictions are slowly lifted, to think about how you will keep them going.