How Making Friends with your Emotions can Improve Wellbeing

  Ever wondered about your relationship with emotions? Join psychologist Megan Webster as she delves into the fascinating question of where emotions come from. Are they embedded in our DNA, or are they learned? Discover insights on befriending emotions during...

Which Burnout Are You?

I was interested to read recently that it may be too simplistic to assume that there’s only one form of burn out. The research into burnout continues to evolve and a recent study[1] has identified two categories: Burned out and...

Multiple Personalities

Lyn Worsley talks to Leigh Hatcher about Multiple Personalities or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), a freeze response to a range of significant life upheavals.

Narcissistic personalities.

Lyn Worsley talks to Leigh Hatcher about dealing with the narcissistic people in our lives.