Resilience In The Invictus Games: A Deep Dive Into The Event That Made A Splash

The Invictus Games – held recently in Sydney - is an international multi-sport event, in which wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans take part in sports.

The Separation Story – What will you tell your children?

In an era of marriage and family breakdown – many families are doing it on their own. Davide Di Pietro, a clinical social worker at the Resilience Centre, has had a wealth of experience helping parents and children navigate this...

Dealing with the Dark Days

  Leigh Hatcher interviews psychologist Sarah Piper and her client “Robyn” who came to Sarah looking for support through her depression. Gain insight into what happens in a session with a psychologist, by listening to a re-creation of a segment...

Forgiveness – How to say “Sorry”

Saying sorry is not something we always do well. In the last of this three part series on forgiveness, Lyn Worsley discusses with Leigh Hatcher the Seven A’s of Confession and how being truly sorry carries no expectation of forgiveness.

Forgiveness – how it works in abusive relationships

In the second of this three part series of weekly podcasts on forgiveness, Lyn Worsley discusses how forgiveness can work in abusive relationships, both personal and work related ones. Starting with self respect. forgiveness enables both parties to move towards...

Forgiveness – the process of “letting go”

Clinical psychologist, Lyn Worsley talks to Leigh Hatcher about forgiveness in this three part series of weekly podcasts. Forgiveness is so much a part of healthy relationships and in the first of the series Lyn discusses the process of moving...

Why the Marlboro Man Never Saw a Psychologist

Clinical psychologist, Joe Alberts talks to Leigh Hatcher about the difficulties many men have recognizing they need help, when they are conditioned to fixing things themselves.