Community Connection Tips #stayconnected

Staying in touch with our neighbours is important in these uncertain times. Sarah shares how she is staying connected.

Homeschooling Tips #stayconnected

Ruth shares some simple and creative homeschooling tips to help ensure your children stay engaged and you all #stayconnected during these challenging times.

Using routine and structure to help with schooling at home

Setting up routines for education at home I have seen a lot of people writing online in these last couple of weeks about how hard it is to transition to schooling at home, and not to pressure yourself or your...

Plus One #stayconnected

Davide shares how he and his family are staying connected with a new addition.

Staying Fit Tips #stayconnected

Look what you can do with a pop up gym!  Mat shares how we can stay fit, while we stay at home.

What The Students Are Saying: Surviving AND Thriving in Self-Isolation

I’ve recently been privileged to speak to a small number of students in their period of self-isolation. These young people were requested to isolate as a result of their school’s association with COVID! When the isolation was first enforced I...

Corona Virus. A Resilient Response.

Corona Virus. A Resilient Response. There is no other time where resilience is more relevant than when a crisis hits us. Given the current global crisis we are facing, it is time to review what is resilience and how to...