Disconnect to #stayconnected

Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out? Feeling some pandemic pressure? It’s important sometimes to disconnect to stay connected.

Share Your Skills #stayconnected

There are lots of skills we have which we can share with other people, using online platforms, to stay connected.

Comparison Traps #stayconnected

There are two comparison traps that can be unhelpful for our sense of connection with ourselves and connection and compassion with others.

Pet Connection Tips #stayconnected

Connection doesn’t always have to be with people. Animals can be really good therapy.

Reconnect Tips #stayconnected

Being isolated from other people is a bit of a concern. I have decided to reconnect with people who I haven’t seen or spoken to for a long time.

Gratitude Board Tips #stayconnected

We may feel disconnected and uncertain about our future, but we can stay connected through expressing gratitude. Gratitude helps people to feel more positive and to build stronger relationships.

Community Connection Tips #stayconnected

Staying in touch with our neighbours is important in these uncertain times. Sarah shares how she is staying connected.