About The Resilience Centre

The Resilience Centre, as well as assisting individuals, couples and families, is a venue for positive life changing courses, groups, seminars and workshops. All courses promote positive psychology with an aim of increasing hope, enabling change and building strong connections. The aim of the Resilience Centre is to add value to the lives of clients, practitioners and colleagues in the areas of psychology.

Programs are aimed at bringing people together to share stories of hope and resilience through trials.

It has been shown that attending a group for therapy in addition to individual therapy helps clients to reach their target goals in a shorter period of time and the change is maintained for a longer time. For this reason we encourage clients to attend groups/ or seminars to learn more about how to increase their quality of life.

There are also opportunities for training and networking with a range of personal and professional courses.


A highly respected group

As a highly respected team of professional and innovative registered psychologists, The Resilience Centre assists people from all walks of life to negotiate positive changes in their lives.

Why?  “Because life happens!”

Our professional commitment is to personally provide care, confidentiality and experience in catering for clients dealing with all that life may bring. Each psychologist offers both support for common life experience and an additional range of specialist services for specific individual areas of need. It is not necessary to have a doctor’s referral to The Resilience Centre.

Please look through Our Team of practitioners, to find someone with expertise in the areas you need.

The company we keep

If you have any ideas about how we can collaborate or work together, please let us know.

We'd love to 
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Seek qualified and trusted psychologists for assistance in a range of areas. We are your partner in therapy, training and research based in Sydney.

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