Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Struggling to find your spark?

  In this podcast, Clinical Psychologist Mathew Pfeiffer dives deep into how we interact with the world, from doing the dishes to work, school, relationships and life! Discover: Why engagement matters for your happiness & success. Common barriers that hold...

The Power of Community for Different Health Concerns

Most people consider socialisation an important part of their lives, as they can bond with people through common interests to alleviate loneliness. While this is a great benefit for human connection, social support is also an integral aspect of health....

Rekindling Hope

Join clinical psychologist Dr John Burns in conversation with Leigh Hatcher, exploring the rekindling of hope and why it might be easier for some of us than others. With his extensive expertise in the field, John delves into the question...

STRESS – When is it too much?

We all need a certain amount of stress, but what happens when we are over-stressed? The consequences can be significant. So, how do we manage our stress? Clinical Psychologist Joe Alberts chats with Leigh Hatcher about this important issue.

Finding your resilience in rejection

Michelle Wotton, Clinical Psychologist at The Resilience Centre chats with Leigh Hatcher about her own story of rejection. Listen to her story and advice on how to navigate the bumpy road of rejection.