Finding your resilience in rejection

Michelle Wotton, Clinical Psychologist at The Resilience Centre chats with Leigh Hatcher about her own story of rejection. Listen to her story and advice on how to navigate the bumpy road of rejection.

ADHD Is My Superpower

  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It impacts on an individual’s ability to focus, pay attention, and control impulsive behaviours. ADHD can have its own challenges, but it can also...

Communicating with Teens: Episode 2 – What works

  As a teenager, what was that one thing you needed from the adults in your life? This podcast is about finding that one thing and giving this gift to your child. Psychologist Michelle Wotton discusses with broadcaster, Leigh Hatcher,...

Communicating with Teens: Episode 1

  Has communication with teens changed over the years? Can we communicate better? As a parent our connection with our child can often fracture  as they move into the teen years. Psychologist Michelle Wotton addresses these questions from broadcaster Leigh...

Gratitude Board Tips #stayconnected

We may feel disconnected and uncertain about our future, but we can stay connected through expressing gratitude. Gratitude helps people to feel more positive and to build stronger relationships.