Unmasking ADHD: Exploring the Surge in Diagnoses Post-COVID

Join clinical psychologist Adam Wright in conversation with Leigh Hatcher as they delve into the rise in ADHD diagnoses. Adam, an expert in neurodiversity, unravels the complexities of this trend, its impacts and possible causes, and much more.  

Share Your Skills #stayconnected

There are lots of skills we have which we can share with other people, using online platforms, to stay connected.

Two sporting role models you can talk to your children about

As an Australian, sport can be a very big part of your community life. An article in the Sydney Morning Herald showed that on average Australian families are spending $2180 a year on children’s sport activities. Some of our biggest...

Navigating Gaming

Video games are much more pervasive today than many parents realise..

Three Reasons Why Therapy is a Good Investment

By Adam Wright, Clinical Psychologist. In the context of medicine, psychological therapy is relatively new. Therapy as we know it today has really only taken off in the last 45-50 years. In Australia, the Better Access to Mental Health Care...

Bipolar Disorder

Clinical psychologist, Adam Wright and Susana Bluwol, who is living with bipolar talk to Leigh Hatcher about Bipolar Disorder.

Thinking Traps

By Adam Wright, Clinical Psychologist   I’d like to try a little experiment with you. Think about what you had for breakfast today. Now think if you can about what you would have thought that would have led to your...