At The Resilience Centre, we remain committed to making sure you all #stayconnected at this time.

On this page we are gathering many tips, suggestions and demonstrations of how you might do this with your family, friends and community. And remember, if you need to talk to someone, all our psychologists are still available for online counselling, couple therapy, and family counselling.

We would love you to send us a photo of what you are doing to #stayconnected.
Submit your #stayconnected photos to robyn@theresiliencecentre.com.au
Remember to use the #stayconnected hashtag on your photos when you post on Facebook, Instagram etc.

Moving Forward to #stayconnected

Having found some new ways to connect during the period of isolation, now is the time, as restrictions are slowly lifted, to think about how you will keep them going.

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Volunteer to #stayconnected

Robyn finds a creative way to keep up her volunteer activity.

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Connect with Yourself to #stayconnected

Sometimes we may need to connect with ourselves in order to connect with others.

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Disconnect to #stayconnected

Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out? Feeling some pandemic pressure?
It’s important sometimes to disconnect to stay connected.

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Homeschooling Tips 2 #stayconnected

As children start Term 2 and we return to homeschooling, Ruth reminds us it’s important to be kind to yourself and practice self compassion. Enjoy more tips and blogs from Ruth on her profile page.

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Share Your Skills #stayconnected

There are lots of skills we have which we can share with other people, using online platforms, to stay connected.

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Comparison Traps #stayconnected

There are two comparison traps that can be unhelpful for our sense of connection with ourselves and connection and compassion with others.

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Connect with a Pet #stayconnected

Connections don’t always have to be with people. Animals can be really good therapy.

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Reconnect Tips #stayconnected

Being isolated from other people is a bit of a concern. I have decided to reconnect with people who I haven’t seen or spoken to for a long time.

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Gratitude Board Tips #stayconnected

We may feel disconnected and uncertain about our future, but we can stay connected through expressing gratitude.  Gratitude helps people feel more positive and to build stronger relationships.

Gardening Tips #stayconnected

Spending a bit more time at home this weekend, gave me time to do some things I enjoy, like gardening. Gardening has helped me to connect with people I didn’t expect

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Homeschooling Tips #stayconnected

Like many of you we’ve just embraced the world of home schooling, what an adventure. I wanted to share a few tips about managing that and how we can stay well connected while we’re juggling work and school and having the kids at home.

For more homeschooling tips, see Ruth’s blog 

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Community Connection Tips #stayconnected

Connect locally. In the event that we can’t leave our local area we might just benefit from not only knowing our neighbours but having an easy way to contact them.

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Staying Fit Tips #stayconnected

So while the politicians with our help are working hard to flatten the curve I thought I’d take this opportunity to get back in touch with something that I’ve always been passionate about and perhaps even flatten a few curves of my own.

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Plus One #stayconnected

We can’t control the reactions of others, the behaviour of others or the future. So what we’re doing is just trying to focus on the things we can control.

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Cyber Dinner Party Tips #stayconnected

An initiative of the Resilience Centre is to actually start a campaign that’s called #stayconnected. We’re really excited about this campaign, but we’re not excited about what’s going on in our world.

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Some other useful tips to #stayconnected

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