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Workplace Resilience Program

Whole Workplace Approach

Discover the benefits of a whole workplace approach to building resilience

Workplace Resilience Program

Empower your team with our whole workplace program

Empower your entire organization with resilience! Our comprehensive workplace program equips individuals, groups, and teams with the tools and resources they need to thrive in challenging times.

Our whole workplace approach introduces you to a language of resilience that is able to be communicated through the workplace

Our strengths based and solution focused terms become embedded into the conversations between staff and teams across your workplace

The benefits of our whole workplace program

Workplace Program
Staff Talks

This engaging talk empowers employees to develop resilience, both professionally and personally. They’ll gain practical strategies they can use right away

Workplace Program
Staff Workshops

This interactive workshop equips your staff with practical strategies to build resilience. They’ll walk away with sustainable takeaways that can be immediately applied

Workplace Program
Licensed Facilitator Training

This comprehensive workshop introduces “The Resilience Doughnut,” a proven model of resilience. Gain an understanding of the model, and its tools and resources

Workplace Program
The Resilience Report

This scientifically validated tool measures your resilience and provides personalized insights. Learn how you cope with challenges and gain actionable steps

Workplace Program
Solution Focused Training

This workshop equips individuals across all levels (employees, teams, management, HR) with the skills to navigate conversations effectively.

Workplace Program
Workplace Resilience Coaching

Schedule a free consultation with one of our coaches to discuss building resilience in your workplace. Our programs benefit organisations of any size.

Unlock a culture of resilience & adaptability

Identify factors that build resilience 

Discover what it takes to build resilience, enabling individuals to navigate tough times and emerge stronger.

Learn tools to cope with challenges better

This workshop provides you with powerful tools to confront challenges directly and thrive.

Use strengths to thrive during adversity

This workshop unlocks the secret weapon you already possess: your strengths!

Create opportunities to do ‘what works well’

This workshop dives into the secrets of replicating success and doing “what works well”?

Develop optimistic thinking patterns

This workshop equips you with the tools to develop optimistic thinking and unlock positive thinking.

Focus on a solution, not the problem

This workshop equips you with tools to switch from problem to solution-focused thinking


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