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Discover all-encompassing resilience training in one place. Tailored for psychologists, counselors, teachers, and professionals in mental health, our approach spotlights your strengths and resources. Cultivate resilience and flourish through our solution-focused methodology.

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  • Bright Thinking for Parents: Optimistic Thinking Skills for Parents and Children

    $33.00 Inc GSTRead More
  • Attachment: How does it relate to my child’s mental health

    $33.00 Inc GSTRead More
  • Emotional Coaching: Help children understand their feelings

    $33.00 Inc GSTRead More
  • Resilient Parenting of Teens

    $33.00 Inc GSTRead More
  • Personality Disorders and How to Stay Safe

    $33.00 Inc GSTRead More
  • Coping with Difficult People

    $33.00 Inc GSTRead More
  • Angry Adolescents: How to reconnect

    $33.00 Inc GSTRead More
  • Understanding and Managing Stress

    $33.00 Inc GSTRead More
  • Resilient Mums: Adjusting to life with young children

    $33.00 Inc GSTRead More
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