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Group Program

Linked Up – Group Program

August 7 - September 4 @ 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Linked Up – Group Program

About this event

Is Your Teenager Struggling with Anxiety, Stress, or Emotional Turmoil?

Program Benefits:

Manage Anxiety: Learn effective techniques to handle anxious feelings.

Regulate Emotions: Gain skills to control emotional responses.

Bounce Back from Setbacks: Build resilience to recover from challenges.

Build Social Skills: Enhance interpersonal interactions and relationships.

Increase Empathy: Develop understanding and compassion for others.

Challenge Negative Thinking: Overcome negative thought patterns.


Why Choose Link3d Up?

Expert-Led: Guided by registered psychologists using evidence-based practices.

Personalised: Includes a comprehensive Resilience Report tailored to each teen’s needs.

Solution Focused: Provides practical tools for effective anxiety management and emotional regulation.

Long Lasting Benefits: Teaches life skills for enduring resilience.

Ongoing Support: Follow-up session and additional resources from The Resilience Centre.

Spaces are limited for personalised attention.




The Resilience Centre

The Resilience Centre, as well as assisting individuals, couples and families of all ages, is a venue for positive life changing Groups, Talks, Workshops and Training. Our groups, talks, workshops and training promote positive psychology with an aim of increasing hope, enabling change and building connections. The aim of The Resilience Centre is to add value to the lives of all who cross our path and access our services. The Resilience Centre is physically located in Epping, Sydney, NSW but our services are available nationally and internationally. Our talks, workshops and training are all available online and if you are outside of Sydney, our speakers, facilitators and trainers are available to travel across Australia and across the seas. Our group therapy programs remain solely ‘face to face’ currently.

Suite 401, Level 4, 51 Rawson Street,
Epping , NSW 2121
(02) 9869 0377
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