Angry Adolescents: How to reconnect

This semainr will examine the more extreme end of difficult adolescent behaviour: when connection with the young person has been lost and the relationship between parents/carers and the adolescent requires a significant investment in repair and re-connection.

Attachment: How does it relate to my child’s mental health

How does the attachment style of the young child influence their future development?

Bright Thinking for Parents: Optimistic Thinking Skills for Parents and Children

This seminar will help parents apply an optimistic style of thinking to themselves as well as their children.

Coping with Difficult People

Some people go to astonishing lengths to be difficult: the boss who keeps moving the goal posts; the client who acts and speaks aggressively or the partner that just does not seem to get it!

Courageous Communication in Relationships

This seminar covers strength based and practical insights into communicating with partners, families and colleagues.

Emotional Coaching: Help children understand their feelings

Children who understand and can regulate their emotions tend to make stronger friendships, develop empathy and have more resilience.

HOARDING: How to recognise the disorder and how to help

"Hoarding disorder" refers to a way of thinking that can be repetitive, overwhelming, obsessive, crippling and stifling.

Personality Disorders and How to Stay Safe

Learn about Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disorders and how to deal with these complex people at home, at work and at play.

Resilient Mums: Adjusting to life with young children

Having children impacts every part of your life - your body, sleep, emotions, thoughts and relationships.

Resilient Parenting of Teens

This seminar will will provide practical insights and strategies for building resilience and managing and enjoying the teen years.

Understanding and Managing Stress

Some stress can be good for us. But too much stress, or feeling stressed for too long, can have a damaging effect on our mind and body.