Clinic for Eating Disorders

The Resilience Centre Eating Disorders Clinic provides outpatient treatment for clients with the eating disorders Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder.

This specialised intervention program uses the scientifically-validated Maudsley model of Family Therapy to effectively treat young people with eating disorders.

Who is the Maudsley Model suitable for?

The Maudsley Model of family based treatment is an outpatient treatment that activates the whole family to help the young person recover from their Eating Disorder.  The treatment involves at least 20 sessions over 9-12 months. It is suitable for young people who have had a short course of illness (less than 3 years) and are under 19 years of age. The Maudsley model involves 3 clearly defined phases.

What does the Maudsley Model involve?

Initial assessment: interview with all family members to assess the situation and set goals for the therapy.

Phase 1: 10 weekly family therapy sessions, aimed at re-feeding the young person

Phase 2: 6 fortnightly family therapy sessions, aimed at helping the young person to re-gain control

Phase 3: 4 monthly family therapy sessions to address any family issues and prepare for family life after therapy

Which therapists offer treatment with the Eating Disorders Clinic?

The Resilience Centre has a number of therapists who have been trained in the effective treatment of eating disorders.

The Resilience Centre therapists regularly consult with senior supervisors to ensure the integrity of the therapy provided.

How can I book in?

In order to book into The Resilience Centre Clinic please contact the office via email: or phone: 9869 0377 to secure an initial assessment appointment (please advise us that you want to book in to the Eating Disorders Clinic).

You will attend an initial assessment with a psychologist from the clinic, where you can discuss your individual needs and the eating disorders program. From there we can secure a therapist for the duration of the therapy.


What does treatment at the Eating Disorders Clinic cost?

The costs of treatment are claimable with Medicare under a mental health care plan or with selected private health providers. Contact us for more information.

Helpful resources

Parents of a child or teen with an eating disorder may find this website useful:

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