Sleep, or the inability to sleep, or sleep well, is not just a physical problem but can also be a psychological issue.

Juggling Life

It appears that we are constantly packing more and more into our lives.

How to assist meditation using a device called MUSE sensing headband?

There is a brain sensing headband called MUSE that can measure your brain activities and guide you through meditation.

Navigating Gaming

Video games are much more pervasive today than many parents realise..

Raising Children in a Digital Age

'Raising' versus 'managing' children? Parents are more and more crying out for help and wisdom.

The Separation Story – What will you tell your children?

In an era of marriage and family breakdown – many families are doing it on their own. Davide Di Pietro, a clinical social worker at the Resilience Centre, has had a wealth of experience helping parents and children navigate this...

Three Reasons Why Therapy is a Good Investment

By Adam Wright, Clinical Psychologist. In the context of medicine, psychological therapy is relatively new. Therapy as we know it today has really only taken off in the last 45-50 years. In Australia, the Better Access to Mental Health Care...