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Myths About Psychology

I recently asked a group of people about their understanding of Psychology and Psychologists. What emerged were a few myths that I thought should be dispelled as quickly as possible.
Psychology is about the patient on the couch being psychoanalysed by Dr Freud every week for ten years.
In modern Psychology the couch has largely gone and long term therapies are less common. Traditional psychoanalysis has given way to other effective short term approaches to therapy.
Psychologists can just look at you and know what you are thinking.
Not so, although it would be helpful if we could. We get to know and understand our clients by asking the right questions and using good listening skills.
If I meet a Psychologist at a party they will be secretly psychoanalysing me.
We need down time as much as you do so fear not.
If I go to a psychologist they will give me drugs and electric shocks.
Psychologists do not prescribe medications or use electroconvulsive therapy.
If I am referred to a Psychologist it means that I am mad and need to be locked up.
Some of our clients do have a diagnosable mental illness however most do not require hospitalisation. Many people who come to see us do not have a mental illness but have a problematic issue that they struggle with, or are going through a difficult time in their life and need some help and support.
If I tell the Psychologist what is happening in my life they will think I am a terrible person.
People often make life decisions which turn out to have not been good for them. Psychological therapy is not about being judgemental, it’s about helping people to move forward and have a better life.

Mitchell Brown
Alpha Psychology Epping

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