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The Resilience Doughnut - The Secret of Strong Kids

By Lyn Worsley

The Resilience Doughnut represents the outside influences that build resilience in children and protect them from stress or adversity.

"In this thoughtful, accessible, well written and quite inspirational book, Lyn gives us a model that can provide ourselves and our children with the capacity to face, overcome and be transformed by adversity."
Dr. Michael Carr Greg, Consultant Adolescent Psychologist

"The Resilience Doughnut will be a most helpful guide to parents, teachers, counsellors - in fact, anyone caringly concerned with their health, well being and success in life."
Professor David Bennett, AO, Head of the NSW Centre for the Advancement of Adolescent Health

"The Resilience Doughnut provides a lovely and accessible coverage of the area of resilience in seven bite sized chunks. This book has the potential to bring resilience into the common language of families."
Andrew Fuller, Child and Adolescent Psychologist

"The Resilience Doughnut has a relevance to parents, teachers and community workers, and of course, most importantly to young men and women as they travel the path not yet trod."
Steve Billington, Principal of Muirfield High School, NSW

This book can be purchased as a hard copy from The Resilience Centre or as an ebook version for Kindle, Nook or as an ibook. For more information about this book and the full range of Resilience Doughnut resources or to make a purchase click here.


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