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Rosy and Jack

Picturebook for sexual assault counsellors.
Rosy and Jack are a sister and brother who have had bad things done to them. They were touched by someone in ways they didn't like and told to keep it a secret. Rosy and Jack decided this was a bad secret. But who could they tell? And what would happen?
Here is a highly original picture book for anyone who needs courage to make a stand against bad things. This is a story about sexual abuse and what can be done to stop it. Above all, this is a story about hope and healing.

Few books exist that so frankly, yet sensitively, invite conversations with children about recovering from abuse and staying safe. This hardcover picturebook was developed in response to the need for creative, honest and original tools for working with children who have been sexually assaulted. It evolved in consultation with a number of sexual assault services and survivors. Essential for anyone who works with children.

'There are many important messages for children who have been sexually assaulted - about how hard it is to tell, about liking the person who offended (but not the touching), about rights, and about sexual assault not being a child's fault - which are reinforced through the story. Through Rosy and Jack children can learn strategies which they may model to deal with the impact of sexual assault. Examples are the use of 'body signals' to tell children when they are feeling unsafe, having a network of trusted adults to whom a child can go to talk, and how to express feelings like anger in a safe way. This is a resource that counsellors working with child victims of sexual assault can use effectively in their work.'

Judy Flanagan,
Centre Against Sexual Assault, Bendigo, Australia

Written and illustrated by Nicole Reading. Designed by Tim Lane.

Hardcover picture book, 210 x 210mm, 32pp. ISBN 0 9580188 2 0

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