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Change by Design

The strengths of shared leadership.
Change by Design uses questions to challenge us to think about how we can enact shared leadership in our groups, teams, organisations and companies.

It is a great tool for keeping fairness alive in the way we participate and include others in any process of change. It recognises that change happens best when those who are affected are given the opportunity to let their leadership qualities shine.It also recognises that leadership does not come automatically with a particular position, but rather, leadership is a shared responsibility and can be brought to the change process by anyone, at any time.

Published by Innovative Resources, 60 laminated, full-colour, double-sided cards, 210x 100mm, polypropylene box, 60-page booklet, ISBN: 1 920945 10 5

For more information go to the Resources tab on the St Luke's Innovative Resources website, www.innovativeresources.org


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