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Strength Cards

The original, and some say, the single truly indispensable resource.
The first resource produced by Innovative Resources and used by thousands of family workers, teachers, counsellors, trainers and parents worldwide. This set of 48 cards or stickers combines simple, positive words with light-hearted graphics to reinforce the important principle that we all have strengths.

And our strengths are our best resources for overcoming problems. Invite people to identify their strengths, those of others or those they want to develop. A versatile tool for team-building or job interviews, and a wonderfully 'strengths-based' way to break the ice in any group.

  • Thinking of someone dear to you, what are 3 of their main strengths?
  • What are 3 of your main strengths? What strength did you use this morning?
  • At a job interview, invite the candidate to select 5 strengths they will bring to the position. Which cards do they think will be their greatest challenges?
  • At a team meeting, invite each person to select a strength for the person on their right. Place all the cards in a circle on the floor. What a team! How will you all build on these strengths?
  • Thinking of a challenge you have faced in the past, what strengths did you draw on? How might you draw on these again now?

Available in Swedish, Japanese and soon, Spanish

48 laminated, full-colour cards, 150 x 100mm, 2-part cardboard box, 24-page booklet. ISBN 1 8756507 8 4

For more information go to the Resources tab on the St Luke's Innovative Resources website, www.innovativeresources.org


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