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Our Scrapbook of Strengths

Ideal for family and group work
Each of these 42 cards presents a powerful window into the characteristics of strong families, groups and communities.
Based on extensive post-graduate research, eight broad topics - communication, togetherness, acceptance, resilience, affection, support, sharing activities and commitment - are explored. Presented in a screen printed ring binder, each card features a 'strengths statement' such as "We keep each other hopeful", together with a set of small water-colour paintings. The whole card is arranged as if it were a 'page' from a family scrapbook.

  • Which cards most represent what you experienced as a child?
  • Which ones do you think contributed most to your identity today?
  • Which ones would you most like to be present in your family/community/ project team today? Jointly create your own scrapbook to illustrate these.
  • Are there times when your family/community/workgroup face adversity? Which strengths do you think are most useful then? Which ones would you like to learn more about?
  • Is there a card that reminds you of something that happened in your family/a family you know?

    42 laminated, full-colour cards, 230 x 170 mm with drilled holes presented in a screen printed, polypropylene ring binder.

For more information go to the Resources tab on the St Luke's Innovative Resources website, www.innovativeresources.org


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