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Mates Traits

Exploring friendships and building social skills
What are the characteristics of real friendships? Here is a set of 32 colourful, light-hearted cards (also available as stickers or as a colouring book) to help us learn how to build and celebrate our friendships.
Use this good-natured tool for learning about social skills, communication, personalities and interests. This is a truly unique resource for preventing and overcoming bullying, and creating relationships of goodwill and hope.

  • What makes a really good friend or team? Select 3 or 4 cards.
  • Pick 3 cards that describe what some of your friends/you/your team do well. Is there a card that shows what you would like to be better at?
  • Pick cards that say something about how you can be a friend to yourself.
  • Pick a card that illustrates a difficult experience you have had in a friendship (e.g. "We have our moments"). Were you able to move forward together or did the friendship dissolve? What did you learn?
  • Invite everyone at a celebration or birthday to select a card they think matches the honorary guest.

    32 laminated, full-colour cards, 120 x 120mm, polypropylene box folds back to create a stand, 24-page booklet.

For more information go to the Resources tab on the St Luke's Innovative Resources website, www.innovativeresources.org


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