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Privacy Protocol: What Happens at The Resilience Centre, Stays at The Resilience Centre

At The Resilience Centre, we follow strict protocols in regards to your privacy, and the keeping of records.
Record Keeping and Storage
As per the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics, psychologists must make and keep adequate client records. These records and their contents are the property of the individual psychologist and are stored and archived in a secure location.

Feedback to Referring Doctors
It is best practice for a psychologist to make contact with the referring doctor after an initial consultation. This is an acknowledgement of their referral and contains minimal personal information. If you do not wish this to occur, you can indicate this on the form that you will complete at The Resilience Centre at your first appointment.

The Resilience Centre provides confidential psychological services to all clients. The information about you remains confidential, except in the following circumstances:
  • When it is subpoenaed by a court.
  • If a client divulges that they or another person/s intends to harm themselves or others. In such circumstances we have a duty of care to take the appropriate action to safeguard those concerned.
  • When case notes are discussed with another psychologist for supervision or case management purposes.
  • When you give your approval to discuss or provide written reports to another person, professional agency or service provider. These may include doctors, lawyers, employers or any named individual. Under these circumstances your written permission is always required.
  • Please note that some clients are under Medicare Mental Health Care Plan set up by their GP, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician. Psychologists are required to send a report to the referring doctor advising them of your progress. You may discuss the content of this report with your psychologist prior to its submission.
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