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Psychological Assessment Service

1. Standard Educational Assessment

The standard assessment provides a comprehensive examination of an individual’s current ability, their academic achievement and a broad screener for psychological factors.

Applies to - assessment of learning difficulties, ADHD, giftedness, or investigating any factors that might be impacting upon learning/academic performance.

Consists of: Clinical interview, intelligence assessment, academic achievement assessment, Screener tests for psychological factors.

Bonus: All Standard Educational Assessments receive a free Resilience Report as part of the assessment.

2. Standard Clinical Assessment

The standard clinical assessment consists of a thorough examination of any possible clinical diagnoses the individual may have and a report of the results.

Applies to – Adult ADHD, suspected autism spectrum disorder in adults, mood disorders, anxiety disorders

Consists of - Clinical interview, questionnaire administration

3. Functional Assessment

This is an assessment option for when more specific information is required. For example, an assessment may have been conducted but further questions remain.

Applies to – Assessment of executive functioning for children/adolescents with ADHD, Comprehensive memory assessment, School observation for social skills assessment, general assessment of functioning, personality assessment

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