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Comprehensive DBT

DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy)
This 24 week program is designed for adults who have difficulties with emotions, relationships, impulsivity, self harm, suicidal behaviours, substance use or other problems that come from difficulties with controlling emotions.

The therapy consists of a variety of modes:

  • Individual DBT treatment
  • Telephone Coaching with you rindividual DBT therapist
  • DBT Skills Group treatment
  • Team Consultation meetings (practitioners only)
The skills group component covers four core modules:
  • Mindfulness
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness�

It is not a traditional group therapy model but a very active learning process in which clients are expected to participate and also discuss how the skills apply to their real world situations. Telephone coaching and individual sessions complement what is being taught in skills group and provide support.

Recent research has consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of comprehensive DBT. Most of all it enables people with the skills required to�thrive and connect with others.

The following clip is an explanation of DBT. While the video speaks of it's use with adolescents, it is used for adults in exactly the same way, to achieve significant changes.
The DBT Program Team Members:
Alison Lenehan, Registered Psychologist
Joe Alberts, Clinical Psychologist
Sarah Piper, Registered Psychologist
Ida Soghomonian, Registered Psychologist

Day and Time: DBT Skills Group will meet Tuesdays 6.30 - 8.45 pm ( 2 hours plus a 15 minutes break)

Dates: Starting May 14th, 2019

Tea, coffee and snacks are provided at group sessions.

Individual DBT treatment appointment times are to be arranged with your individual DBT therapist.�

Enquiries: Contact Robyn on�0435 878 462�or email robyn@theresiliencecentre.com.au

* GPs and psychiatrists can assess eligibility for a Medicare rebate under a Mental Health Treatment Plan for this group (a rebate of $21.65 for up to 10 sessions may apply).

To register your interest call Robyn�on 0435 878 462�or The Resilience Centre on 9869 0377 or complete the form below.

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