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Services for Families Separating

The experience of separation and divorce is a time of significant change for individuals and families. The adjustment, like any, can come with many challenges and most people find it difficult and stressful. While there are legal and financial aspects to consider there is also the aspect of helping children to adjust to the changed circumstances, while the parents themselves , are also adjusting to their new situation.

The Family Clinic at the Resilience Centre offers a range of specialised support services for working with parents who have separated, their children and their extended family members.


Parenting Post Separation Program 

This two week program aims at equipping parents who have experienced separation, with tools to guide their children through this adjustment. The course gives parents the opportunity to learn about things to look out for and learn strategies to minimise the impact of conflict for children whose parents are or have separated.

Facilitator: Davide Di Pietro (Clinical Social Worker)
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Individual and Joint Family Services 

The Family Clinic consultants (Davide Di Pietro and Julianne Greenfield) at the Resilience Centre offer a unique family support service that utilises all members of the family in working towards strengthening safe and resilient relationships between family members through separation. The consultants at the family clinic provide: 

  • Family assessment and reports
  • Individual and joint coaching/counselling services for parents
    Consultants have particular expertise in working with paretns at all stages of the separation process. Consultants assist parents in achieving the best case scenario for children, as well as assisting parents in making their parenting arrangements and court orders work effectively for their children. 
  • Therapeutic child contact services
    Consultants offer supervised contact between a parent and children. This service offers the opportunity for parents to demonstrate and rehearse their parenting skills and continue to build connections with a child whom they do not live with. Observation and coaching support provided by a consultant can be helpful for parents to activate strategies that supports the development of their children and helps build healthy relationships within families.
  • Specialised services for children and adults who have experienced traumatic experiences through the separation
    The Family Clinic provides specialized services for individuals and families who have experienced traumatic experiences in their adult relationships, including family and domestic violence. This service further supports family members who have experienced other traumatic events as a result of separation.
Appointments can be made over the phone and all calls are treated with the strictest confidence. Private helath insurance rebates apply for clients with the appropriate cover and medicare rebates may apply for specific services with a referral from a GP after completing a Mental Health Care Plan.
Consultants at the Family Clinic: 
  • Davide Di Pietro
  • Julianne Greenfield 




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