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Julianne Greenfield

Julianne has a doctorate in social work and education from Sydney University. She has had a long career in the Family Court as a Family Consultant and as a Single Expert Witness in Family Law cases. Julianne is a clinical social worker who has specialised for many years in working with families with children, after separation, in ways that harness their strengths. She has special interest in children with anxiety after separation, particularly in regards to visitation. She is interested in facilitating co-parenting after separation and helping parents make post-separation arrangements (including court orders) work for their children. Julieanne is currently only available for assessments and reports.

She has extensive experience in family assessment, high conflict cases and families that have experienced family violence. She has been a university lecturer teaching psychology in social work education. She has also done counselling and mediation in the Family Court. In suitable cases, Davide Di Pietro and Julianne will work together to bring both gender perspectives to assist families in transition.


Blogs posted by Julieanne 

The Separation Story 

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