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TRUCE:Dealing with the scary stuff

A FREE 7 week group skills based program for young people (14 -22 years) to cope better with having a parent or carer with cancer.

Are you a young person between the ages of 14 and 22 years who has a parent or carer with cancer? CanTeen has a new FREE group program called TRUCE to help young people develop coping skills.

No matter how much you hoped it wouldn’t, your life changed when your parent or caregiver was diagnosed with cancer. Living with a parent or caregiver with cancer can affect your life in almost every way, from your thoughts and feelings to everyday life. Some changes are really big while some are not as noticeable.

  • Do you feel that no one understands what you’re going through?
  • Do you ever feel shocked, numb, scared, angry or guilty about your parent or caregiver’s cancer?
  • Do you feel that you’re not coping or are out of control?
  • Do you want support to deal with your thoughts and feelings about your parent or caregiver’s cancer?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may want to think about taking part in TRUCE. 

TRUCE  aims to help you deal with difficult thoughts and feelings, help you communicate with people (especially your family) and live your life based on your values. You don’t have to be a CanTeen member to take part in TRUCE. 

What does the TRUCE program involve? 

You will take part in 7 face-to-face weekly sessions which last about 2 hours. The sessions are group sessions which means a few other young people who also have a parent with cancer will attend with you. The groups are led by experienced facilitators who will take you through a serious of activities and discussions. A parent or caregiver takes part in one joint session with you. However, parental or caregiver participation is not compulsory for you to take part. 

Location of Groups

Groups are generally held in the Sydney CBD office. However if there is sufficient interest a group will be held at the Resilience Centre in Epping, NSW.

To Register Interest 

In groups held in the Sydney CBD, phone TRUCE on 1800 234 007.

In groups held at the Resilience Centre, 48 Oxford St, Epping, NSW
email robyn@theresiliencecentre.com.au 

More information is also available at www.truce.org.au.



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