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Senior Clinical Psychologist and Director of The Resilience Centre, Lyn Worlsey has recently had published an article in the book, " Victim Victorious: From Fire to Phoenix" Edited by Marie-Claire Patron & and Stephen S Holden, 2015 Nova Science Publishers Inc.

Chapter 5  The Resilience Doughnut - Combining Strengths to Thrive 

This article explores the triumph of the human spirit to recover from, sustain through and even grow personally as a result of trauma.

Three different resilient responses, recovery, sustainabilty and personal growth have been observed in studies of individuals as they face adversity. The key element of these three studies is that relationships appear to form the basis of an individual's resilience.

The Resilience Doughnut model provides a framework to make a difference between those who remain in the victim state after trauma and those who appear resilient in the way they connect with their available resources.  Positive intentional connection of three strong factors promotes a strong sense of personal identity and efficacy and helps overcome feelings of helplessness often associated with being victimised. 

Read the latest article by Lyn Worsley.

Download the article below or order the book from Nova Science Publishers Inc 

Victim, Victorious Chapter 5 



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