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August Newsletter 2013

We all face challenging life issues to varying degrees and at different times in our lives. áSome times reading an article about a particular issue can help us see the issue from a different perspective and give us an insight into how to tackle or better cope with the issue. There are articles under the "Information" tab of our website on Mindfulness, Habits, Parent tips for managing child anxiety, Managing conflict in relationships, etc. And our recent blogs have covered issues like Self harm, Being happy, and Parent & teacher communication in schools.

Don't forget we now have a Resilience Coach working here at the Resilience Centre. Frances Goldfinch is able to help with strategies to increase resilience and thus better deal with the stresses of life. She can assist with identifying strengths, goal setting and with those having difficulties with time management and motivation in their studies. More details are available on our websiteáhere.

Hot Topics

Our Wednesday Night HOT TOPICS series of informal seminars continues here at The Resilience Centre each fortnight, 7 - 8.30pm

21 August  Surviving a Stressful Workplace  Presenter: Mitchell Brown (this topic was so popular in Term 1 it is being repeated) 
4 September  Negotiating the Challenges of Relationships  Presenter: Lyn Worsley 
18 September  Stress Less: Healthy ways to cope with stress & build stress fitness    Presenter: May Lim

Full details, booking information and our flyers can be found on our website.  Please feel free to print the individual flyers should you wish to display it or pass on to someone. 

Upcoming Programs

Term 3
Most of our programs for Term 3 are all underway but a new program 
Living with a Creative Mind will run on Thursday evenings starting
5 September. It will be facilitated by Julie Crabtree. Click 
here for more details.

Link3d Up on Wednesday afternoons starting 16 OctoberThis 5 week resilience building program, for adolescents 13 - 16 years, is based on the Resilience Doughnut model and is designed to teach resilience skills vital for the teenage years. For more information click here 

Keeping Love Alive® - a 5 week relationship program for couples facilitated by Clinical Psychologist, Lyn Worsley will start on Monday 28 October. This program is for people who want solutions to their relationship dilemmas. It won't drag participants into the past but will offer a blueprint for handling conflict constructively. For more information click here 

Do you need a reminder about our Hot Topics or want to be alerted when a new blog is posted? If so then like us on facebook and we will keep you abreast of all our news.  We wish you well as you negotiate the challenges of daily life. 



Lyn and the Team

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