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July 2013 Newsletter

Our resilience building program Connect 3 and the Resilience Doughnut have received a lot of positive publicity in the last few weeks generating enquiries from around Australia. Sydney's ThSun Herald and Melbourne's The Age ran "Sadly, parents get the message wrong / Resilience the trump card to play in life" ( click here). Locally, Northern District Times ran "Doughnut theory does whole lot of good" about the spread of the Resilience Doughnut to around the world.  

Do you live too far away to attend the Resilience Centre? If so then read The Resilience Doughnut - The Secret of Strong Kids. This book underpins the Connect 3 program and will give you new skills and practical support. It's available online through our Resilience Doughnut website (click here).

Hot Topics

Our Wednesday Night HOT TOPICS continue fortnigthly in Term 3, from 7 - 8.30pm, here at the Resilience Centre in Epping. These informal evening seminars are designed for the general community to provide psychological insights into challenging life issues.

24 July A Survival Gude for Parents & Teenagers: Coping with exam stress   Presenter: Gabriel Wong
7 August  Eating Disorders  Presenter: Lyn Worsley
21 August  S
urviving a Stressful Workplace  Presenter: Mitchell Brown (this topic was so popular in Term 1 it is being repeated) 
4 September  Negotiating the Challenges of Relationships  Presenter: Lyn Worsley 
18 September  Stress Less: Healthy ways to cope with stress & build stress fitness         Presenter: May Lim

Full details, booking information and our flyers can be found on our website.  Please feel free to print the individual flyers should you wish to display it or pass on to someone. 

Upcoming Programs

Above the Line - Challenge anxious thinking, get ahead and be your best will be on Tuesday evenings, starting 13 August. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF DATE. This is a 4 week program for adults who have difficulty maintaining optimism through anxious or negative thinking. Click here for more details.

Connect 3 on Thursday afternoons starts 25 July. This program is a 5 week resilience building program for 8 - 12 year olds which aims to improve confidence and social skills so they can cope in challenging situations. Click here for more details. 
Get Lost Mr Scary on Saturday mornings, commences 3 August. This early intervention program for 5 - 7 year olds, through play and stories addresses common anxieties in young children, such as separation anxiety, social phobias and specific fears, eg fear of the dark, dogs etc. For more details click here 
Bright Thinking on Saturday afternoons, starts 10 August. This 6 week program to help children 8 - 12 years learn a more optimistic style of thinking, is particularly suited to children experiencing anxious thinking. For more details click here. 

Our resilience building program for teenagers, Link3d Up is now expected to run in Term 4. Click here for more information. 

If you are interested in any of these programs or would like more information, please email robyn@theresiliencecentre.com.au expressing your interest, as soon as possible, as these programs will start very soon. 

Workshops at The Resilience Centre

9 & 10 September  Resilience Doughnut Accredited Training  Our 2 day workshop will equip you with the skills and resources to implement the Resilience Doughnut in your school, organization or counselling practice. This workshop is now an endorsed program with the NSW Institute of Teachers.  You are advised to book early as there are only a few places available. Click here for more details. 
14 October  Advanced Accredited Training – Connect 3 & Link3d UP If you have completed the Resilience Doughnut Accredited Training and would like to run the Connect 3 and Link3d Up resilience programs for children and teenagers, this one day training workshop will allow you to advertise and facilitate the program in your local community. Click here. Given the enquiries we received following the recent media publicity, there would appear to be a demand for these resilience building programs, particularly in ACT, Victoria and NSW north coast.

To remain updated on all our news at The Resilience Centre, like us on facebook. This will keep you abreast of new blogs as they are posted (this week it's about hypnosis) and remind you of each fortnight's Hot Topic. 



Lyn and the Team


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