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April 2013 Newsletter

Have you seen the really interesting issues being covered in the weekly Blog on our website? áMany useful tips and insights are offered on topics such as:

  • Procrastination- especially in students,
  • Maintaining a bond with your adolescentá
  • The problem of when a child's habits or rituals become an obsession.á
Clickáhereáto read these and many others.á

Hot Topics

The last in our series of Hot Topics for Term 1 is this week

  • 3 April  Raising Kids that Cope  

Full details on this topic and booking information can be found on our website. We do recommend booking in advance and saving $5 on the $25 registration fee.

We have just announced our topics for Term 2 

  • 8 May  Different Types of Depression 
  • 22 May  Being Brave: How parents can help children fight their worries and fears
  • 5 June  Angry Adolescents - How to re-connect
  • 19 June  Worry Warriors - How to fight fear  

Full details and flyers for these topics will be on our website in a fortnight. 

Upcoming Programs

In Term 2 we will be offering our popular Resilience Doughnut based programs:
Connect 3 on Tuesday afternoons.  This program is a 5 week resilience building program for 8 - 12 year olds which aims to improve confidence and social skills so they can cope in challenging situations.  Click here for more details.

Link3d Up on Wednesday afternoons. This 5 week resilience building program, for adolescents 13 - 16 years, is based on the Resilience Doughnut model and is designed to teach resilience skills vital for the teenage years.   For more information click here 

We hope to run Get Lost Mr Scary in Term 3 An early intervention program for 5 - 7 year olds, through play and stories it addresses common anxieties in young children, such as separation anxiety, social phobias and specific fears, eg fear of the dark, dogs etc. We suggest anyone interested in this program email us expressing your interest as soon as possible.  For more details click here 

Workshops at The Resilience Centre

Dealing with Difficult People  - This one day workshop on Saturday 25 May will provide you with some down to earth tools and resources to help you deal with difficult people, be they in your workplace or within your circle of family or friends. It is facilitated by Kyie Warry who recently wrote a blog about this issue.  Click here for more details and here for the blog.

Resilience Doughnut Accredited Training - The next 2 day workshop will be held on 2 & 3 June.  It will equip you with the skills and resources to implement the Resilience Doughnut  in your school, organization or counselling practice. This workshop is now an endorsed program with the NSW Institute of Teachers.Click here for more details about all our accredited training courses. 

Visit our website, www.theresiliencecentre.com.au for the full range of programs, seminars and workshops and to read our weekly blog and the many interesting articles under the "Information " tab - and don't forget to like us on facebook.


Lyn and the Team 

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