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HOT TOPICS - Wednesday Nights

These informal evening seminars for the general community, are presented by our experienced psychologists. They provide psychological insights into a variety of challenging life issues.

Our 2018 series of Wednesday Night HOT TOPICS will begin in March.

WHERE: The Resilience Centre, 4th Floor, 51 Rawson St, Epping

WHEN: 7.00 - 8.30 pm. Please arrive at 6.45 pm if you have not pre-registered.

COST: $30 per person, $50 for two people.

REGISTER: Submit the reservataion form at the bottom of this page or phone 9869 0377 by�3.00 pm on the day of the Hot Topic you are attending.

Our 2018 series of Wednesday Night HOT TOPICS will begin in March. 



25 OCTOBER How to Survive Loving Someone with an ADDICTION

Presenter: Joe Alberts

Alcohol, gaming, drugs, sex, online gaming - whether it is a substance or a behaviour, when a habit becomes an addiction, in someone you love, it can be difficult to maintain the relationship.

In this seminar:

  • Learn more about the neurological and psychological science of addiction
  • Understand more about the challenges of being in a relationship with someone with an addiction
  • Discover healthy ways to survive and thrive in a relationship with someone with an addiction.

JOE is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience in the public and private sectors. His areas of interest include the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties in adults and men's issues.�

15 NOVEMBER  What to Do When Someone You Love Has DEPRESSION

Presenter: Lyn Worsley 

Depression can sneak up like an enemy. It takes away the skills of survival that have built up over a lifetime. It masks logical thought and reason and cripples the joy of human existence. 

This seminar will look at the reality of living with depression. Noting some of the ways it can be explained and treated. For carers we will identify the rescuer and the helper in you. We will also explore common myths of depression, and help you learn skills of empowering depressed friends to seek help.

LYN is a clinical psychologist and Director of The Resilience Centre with a background in nursing, teaching and youth work. She specializes in child, adolescent and family psychology and relationship issues. She is the author of two books, The Resilience Doughnut - The Secret of Strong Kids and The Resilience Doughnut - The Secret of Strong Adults.

29 NOVEMBER  UNDERSTANDING DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy)

Presenter: Sarah Piper

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is designed for individuals who have difficulties with controlling emotions.

In this seminar you will learn: 

  • What is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and for whom it might be useful?
  • What does it involve?
  • How effective is it? 
The Resilience Centre offers both individual DBT sessions and DBT Group Therapy. Whether you are struggling yourself or a parent or loved one of somebody finding it difficult to regulate their emotions, this seminar is for you.
SARAH is an experienced psychologist with a wide range of life and work experiences. She loves her job and is both approachable and authentic. She takes great interest in the strengths that people bring and how they might use these to move forward in their lives. She has completed Marcia Linehan's intensive training in DBT and enjoys the group format which empowers people with life giving social-emotional skills.




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